Zenesté is the journey of empowering and awakening our own lives.

Zenesté is the foundation to Namesté. One can not stand alone.

As we empower ourselves, we empower the world.

As the world is empowered, the individual is empowered.

As we know ourselves as more, we know the world as more.

As we see the light and love in ourselves as more, we see the light and love in the world as more.

🙌🏻✨ Namesté to all as we empower and awaken our own Zenesté.

Namesté:  A spiritual chant, a greeting of endearment, that has a multidimensional divine intent and meaning that creates a loop of bliss between all.  The beauty in me sees and honors the divine beauty in you. We are one.  How we see ourself is how we see the world.  A gesture sending the most peaceful, pure, positive loving energy to all with the intent that this divine energy will cycle  back throughout oneself, the world and ultimately the universe.  

Zenesté:  How we see ourselves.  How we feel about ourselves.  How we experience our own life.  The higher the vibration of how we see and experience ourselves stands as the foundation of how we see and experience each other and in essence the entire world.  Zenesté is the process of discovering, embracing and striving for our own optimal wellness, harmonic balance and optimization of mind, body and soul.   This process is exponential.  The more I see and value myself, the more I see and value all people and the entire universe.  As I become more, I see the universe becoming more.  We must first start with ourselves, but we must also utilize the positive vibrations from our universe to uplift us and carry us to our truth, our divine essence, our own pure love and light.  

We can only empower and awaken our own Zenesté by:

  • Being gentle with ourselves.
  • Making gentle changes within our life ultimately influencing our long term happiness, health and love for ourselves and others.
  • Loving ourselves exactly as we are today.
  • Finding gratitude and love in the life we already have.
  • Being kind to every living being.
  • Optimizing the full physical component of our human bodies.
  • Giving and receiving positive vibrations and energy to and from all.
  • Allowing our worldly experiences and human connections to rise our vibrations, even more and even more.
  • Discovering the will to do our own healing and self discovery.  Ultimately infusing truth, passion and happiness throughout our entire being, life and world.
  • Learning, sharing and experiencing nurturing practices of compassionate living, kindness, generosity and gratitude toward all.
  • Providing an uplifting and enriching environment that supports wellness and active engagement with each other for continued learning and spiritual development.
  • Really enjoying our life.  Learning from our experiences and growing each day as a unique amazing individual.  We all deserve this human experience and our life is intended to be filled with love and happiness.

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