Zenesté is the journey of empowering and awakening our own lives.

Zenesté is the foundation to Namesté. One can not stand alone.

As we empower ourselves, we empower the world.

As the world is empowered, the individual is empowered.

As we know ourselves as more, we know the world as more.

As we see the light and love in ourselves as more, we see the light and love in the world as more.

🙌🏻✨ Namesté to all as we empower and awaken our own Zenesté.

Namesté:  A spiritual chant, a greeting of endearment, that has a multidimensional divine intent and meaning that creates a loop of bliss between all.  The beauty in me sees and honors the divine beauty in you. We are one.  How we see ourself is how we see the world.  A gesture sending the most peaceful, pure, positive loving energy to all with the intent that this divine energy will cycle  back throughout oneself, the world and ultimately the universe.  

Zenesté:  The essence of how we see, feel and experience ourselves and our lives.  The higher the vibration of how we see and experience ourselves stands as the foundation of how we see and experience each other and in essence the entire world.  Zenesté is the process of discovering, embracing and striving for our own optimal wellness, harmonic balance and optimization of mind, body and soul.   This process is exponential.  The more we see value in ourselves, the more we see and value all people and the entire universe.  As we become more, we see and experience the universe becoming more.  We must first start with ourselves, but we must also utilize the positive vibrations from the universe and others to uplift us and carry us toward our truth, our divine essence, our own pure love and light.  

How do we empower and awaken our own Zenesté?

  1. Being completely honest with ourselves and living a life that expresses our authentic truth.  Who are we really?  What is our purpose?  What are we passionate about?  What makes us feel good?  Feel happy?  Feel loved?  Feel complete?  
  2. Being kind to all living beings.  The energy we put out toward others comes back to us in ways we know and may not ever understand.  Share love, be love.  Live a life of compassionate living, kindness, generosity and gratitude toward all.
  3. Optimizing the full physical component of our human bodies.  We are here to live a human experience in a human body and to feel and experience our 5 sensations vividly.  Care for your body with the utmost love and compassion.  
  4. Giving and receiving positive vibrations from the universe and others.  Realizing what positive, good vibrations feel like and learning how to allow these vibrations to influence your life in a magnificent way.  
  5. Living a life in an enriching environment and home that support wellness, peace, calm, laughter and spiritual development.
  6. Discovering the will to do our own healing and self discovery.  Be honest with yourself.  Seek with the utmost desire to discover ways of healing, health, wellness that is very best for you.
  7. Be gentle with ourselves, realizing that experiences are needed for optimal growth and development.  Allow the flow of these experiences to come and go, but the lessons learned to transcend for ever.  
  8. Allowing ourselves to completely enjoy and experience the beauty and love of life.  Every single living being deserves this right.  

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